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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

"Having done a 2 week CIMT clinic with Heather was more than just the physical work, it was therapy for my soul. I was always excited to go find out what she had in store for me, and she challenged me appropriately. She inspired and encouraged me to remind myself daily that I am capable of anything, including the things that I had previously given up on. I was honored to work with Heather, and she will be my therapist for life!"
Allison Porter
“My daughter, Jill had a sudden cardiac arrest three years ago that left her severely disabled.  After three weeks in a coma and several months of intensive care, she spent 6 weeks more at one of the finest brain and spinal injury hospitals in the world, Craig.  She got state-of-the-art care but her progress was slow and discouraging.   Heather took an exceptionally active approach that was both physically and emotionally therapeutic.  The results were miraculous! Jill's greatest achievement was when Heather took her hiking up to a Colorado summit. A photo of her achievement hangs prominently in her home - touchingly symbolic to us all as proof that, although life's trails can be daunting, they can be beaten, one courageous step at a time. Heather was more than Jill's therapist, she was and continues to be the person everyone needs when the going gets tough. Academia needs to pay more attention to Heather's breakthrough initiatives. Everyone on "Team Jill" is thankful beyond words for Heather, she's a one of a kind coach!

Roger Harvey

Success Stories

“In June 2005, I had the misfortune of suffering a debilitating stroke while at home.  Heather worked tirelessly to improve my coordination with her creativity and I felt that I really wanted to get better.  She made me wear an oven mitt to restrict my good arm, and filled an 8 hour day with tasks to challenge my affected arm and leg, not only that, but she gave me homework to do at night and on my weekends. I realize that I will never be 100% again, but I travel, drive, I am back to work full time, and I exercise on my own.  I am a hard worker in anything I do, but Heather was the driving force in my recovery from what could have been a lot worse.”  
Jack Slechta