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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

Constraint Induced movement therapy (CIMT) has many significant benefits which have been proven through research and use of CIMT in clinic settings. People who have participated in CIMT often report that it has had a positive impact on their quality of life. Post CIMT clinic participants of Ed Taub’s group were surveyed and reported that caregivers who had previously given up work to stay home and care for their loved one, 70% were able to return to work.

The benefits include:
Improved range of motion
Improved muscle strength
Increased amount of use of their weaker arm 
Improved quality of movement
Increased motivation to use the weaker arm in function
Increased awareness of their weaker arm
Reduced neglect of the weaker arm
Improved independence in everyday tasks
​ Improved quality of life

​ Participants will endure a series of tests at the start, during and end of program to assess upper limb function. These results are communicated to the participant regularly. As a result, the participant will be able to see their progress daily, increase their motivation and be successful in the program. Completing a CIMT program requires high level of commitment and motivation in order to achieve the best possible results. Our specialized therapists will offer full support and positive reinforcement during the program which can be intense at times. Both the participant and their family/caregiver should be willing to fully adhere to the program outside of therapy sessions to maximize potential for improvement. By doing so, after a concentrated amount of time, lasting results can be achieved. To find out more about the benefits of CIMT please contact us to speak to one of our specialist therapists.