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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy


What is CIMT?

Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is a technique used by CIMT trained physical/occupational therapist to promote the development of new pathways between the brain and the impaired extremity. The founder of this program, Dr Edward Taub, refers to the process as “rewiring” the brain. The unaffected limb is restrained in a mitt for 90% of waking hours for 2-3 weeks, while the affected arm is intensely trained by a therapist one on one through shaping and task practice activities.

Who is a candidate for CIMT?

Candidates for CIMT are 16 and older who have experienced a neurological condition such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, brain surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injury. It is recommended that clients wait 3 months after their initial injury for CIMT treatment.

What should I expect from my CIMT program?

The program is either 2-3 weeks, 3 hours/day. You will wear a mitt on your unaffected arm for 90% of your waking hours. Our specialized therapist will assess and devise a unique program to meet your individual capabilities, needs and goals. You will practice behavioral shaping tasks and task practice in the clinic 5 days/week on your affected arm.  In addition, you will receive a home program to be performed in the evenings and on your weekends. At the end of the program, you will be given an individualized program to continue to use to continue further gains at home.

What type of results can I expect?

How CIMT is Changing Lives: Reporter Dan Rather interviews Dr Edward Taub and CIMT patients in this VIDEO (the video starts with a report on Alzheimer’s, CIMT starts at 1:39 min into the video and you can scroll ahead on the time bar at the bottom)

​​​How can I participate in CIMT?

1) Contact INR via email or phone, and a CIMT therapist will perform an initial screen about your present movement to determine if
you are a good candidate for CIMT.

2) Partake in an initial evaluation in-person with one of our therapists. If you live outside of the Denver area, you can fill out
an intake form and send in a video demonstrating your arm/hand movement.

3) Go to your primary care physician to ensure that you are medically clear to partake in our program and receive a referral for the program

4) Scheduling is done through therapists and the therapy will be performed in your home environment.

​ 5) If possible, care-giver or family support is beneficial through this very intense program.

What is the Cost of CIMT?

Your first phone consultation is FREE.  

During that time, we will determine whether you are a potential candidate.

If you are a potential candidate, we will set up an in-home initial evaluation.  

This appointment will take about 2 hours, and will cost $150.00.  

If you qualify for the clinic, we will determine whether you will require the 10 day clinic or the 15 day clinic.  

We will be happy to discuss payment options with you and your family, 

however, depending on the requirements for your individual needs,

the cost of treatment will range from $3500-$5250. 

 Unfortunately, at this time, not all insurance carriers will cover this cost.